Services & Care

We offer a full carpet repair and cleaning service, but here are some useful tips on keeping your carpet or rug in excellent condition yourself.

Cleaning Services

Oriental Carpet cleaning in Chester, Cheshire

We offer a comprehensive and professional cleaning service, to breathe new life into any rug and bring it back to its original condition.

We clean all rugs by hand, and prices are as follows:


Other materials


Fringe restoration & stopping: £35 per metre (plus VAT) Chords: £45 per metre (plus VAT) Other repairs need to be seen to be valued. Please contact us with details for us to give you a quotation.

Try At Home Service

We enable you to take one of our carpets or rugs home with you to see how it looks in your home, and ensure you are completely happy with it before making your purchase. This service is free of charge.


You may have a rug or carpet in your house at present, or may have been left one from a friend or relative and are unsure of the value. We can help by valuating the piece, either in person or you can email a picture to us. Please contact us for more information.

Insurance Valuation

We can also valuate pieces for insurance purposes. This can again be done either in person or by email, and we will provide the results in writing to you. Please contact us for more information.

Stain removal

Oriental Carpet repairs in Chester, Cheshire