Tabriz 8738

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Country of origin: Persia

Width: 123cm

Length: 183cm

Made in and around the town of Tabriz in the Azerbaijan district of north west Persia, they represent the most variable Persian workshop items produced today. At their best they are as fine and aesthetically satisfying as the most accomplished Isphahan or Kashan.

Tabriz rugs are usually woven on cotton foundations ( although silk is sometimes used for the finest weaves ) , with between 80 and 400 knots per square inch. The local Make wool is very strong, if a little course, making the better items sturdy and hard wearing. The pile may be trimmed short or medium/long, but as general rule the shorter the pile, the better and more finely knotted the rug.

The design repertoire is arguably the most diverse and innovative in the whole of Persia, and includes interpretations of almost every Persian and universal design; but medallion, pictorial, garden, hunting, all over floral, shah abbas, boteh and herati schemes are the most common. In addition, Tabriz weavers have consistently evolved designs to which they have given their names (Taba Tabai, Meshekhi, Nezam and Hady Ali, etc.)The palette is equally varied and, depending on the market for which the rugs are destined, can be either extremely rich and vivid or more restrained in tone.

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