Lori 7998

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Country of origin: Azerbaijan

Width: 55cm

Length: 57cm

Rugs made in LURI (LORI) have nomadic and geometric patterns. They are very durable and long-lasting, and natural dyes. In the spring the Luri tribe live in black goat-hair tents. During the hot summer, they use leaves and branches for cover because they provide much cooler shelter. In the winter they move into double ended houses known as zemga. These houses are half buried in the slope of a hill. They are built with boulders and 2/3 of the area is covered by a roof of branches.

Quality: Luri rugs are of excellent quality.

Colour: Dark red, blue gray and orange are the major colours of Luri rugs and carpets.

Texture: Soft wool; medium tight pile. 

Foundation: Warp is mostly cotton; weft is wool.

100% handmade!

The colours of the rug look different depending on the angle from which you look at it.

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