Kazak Genje (Antique) 7786

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Country of origin: Caucasian

Width: 123cm

Length: 273cm

Genje, formerly Kirovabad , city (pop. 278,000), in Azerbaijan, on the Gyandzha River. Genje is famous for 19th century  long rugs (mostly 3ft or 4ft by 9ft or 10ft) depicting diagonal and colourful bars throughout the field.  Gyandzha, Azerbaijan also spelled Genje, GANDZHA, GJANDZA, OR GYANDZHA Situated on the main highway and rail line to Georgia. The city, considered the country's literary centre, is prettier than most Azerbaijani towns and retains a strong German influence in its architecture. The road from Baku to Genje is one of the country's most scenic. 180 mi/290 km west of Baku. 
Genje was both a city, a market centre, and a Khanate. Under Czarist domination, the name was changed to Elisavetpol and then Kirovabad.
Genje produces rug that are in format and construction like a long Kazak.  Hand knotted, dated 1840, worn.

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