Bidjar 8868 *SOLD*

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Country of origin: Persia

Width: 86cm

Length: 410cm

This beautiful Bidjar runner is second hand.
An important centre of rug production in northwest Iran which is inhabited by a Kurdish population. This rugs are usually double wefted and are woven on a cotton foundation. For many decades, the Bidjar has been called the "cast-iron rug of Persia". The creation of simple peasants in Kurdistan, north-western Iran (Persia), Bidjar rugs is closely and heavily woven with a firm, dense nap. A "double-wefted" construction is common, where the weaver in her knotting pulls alternate warps into line behind the neighbouring ones, so the knots are closely stacked together at an angle rather than lying loosely side by side. This style of weaving, combined with excellent, lanolin-rich wool, creates a rug of almost unbelievable durability.  The small Kurdish town of Bidjar in the province of Kermanshah has hardly ten thousand inhabitants; the high quality of its carpets has gained it an international reputation. Concern for this reputation for high quality led to a clear distinction being made between the products of the Bidjar town workshops and the Tekab-Bidjar, which are woven by an Afshari tribe that settled in the area.  The rug showing is hand knotted, natural dyes, perfect condition, and Herati design.


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