9950 Belouch

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Country of origin: Azerbaijan

Width: 100cm

Length: 175cm

FIRDOWS-BELOUCH Well-made rugs, produced in a wide variety of designs, that consistently combine tribal authenticity with a delightful, if somewhat primitive, decorative charm.  The Belouch, or Baluchi, are a large tribal grouping who roam the vast border region between eastern Turkey and western Afghanistan, The vast majority of Belouch rugs are made by the nomadic tribesmen, but a small number are woven i the villages around Firdaus in central Khorasan, by people of Arab extraction. However, all Belouch are produced in the same way and can justifiably be referred to as nomadic rugs. They are normally woven on woolen foundations, although cotton has been used in recent years, with between 60 and 100 knots per square inch; the pile wool, although not particularly lustrous, is generally of excellent quality.

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