What do you sell?

Uri Jacobi Oriental Carpets in Chester, Cheshire

Uri Jacobi has Cheshire most comprehensive range of hand-knotted rugs, cushions and other hand-made products. We have over 1500 carpets and rugs in stock from Iran, Afghanistan, India, and Turkey.

Can I return my rug?

Uri Jacobi offers a 10 days money-back guarantee. Customers also have the option of taking rugs for a free home trial to ensure it fits well with the size and décor of their room before purchasing.

Which payment methods do we accept?

We accept debit cards, most credit cards, cheques, and PayPal.

Can you deliver my rug?

We offer free home delivery on rug purchases within mainland UK. The majority of rugs are easily rolled or folded and able to be taken by car. Next day delivery is available during the week, Saturday delivery will be an additional £20.

Do your prices include VAT?

Yes, we are VAT registered; all prices include UK VAT at 20%.

When are you open?

We are open 6 days a week. Opening hours are Mon to Sat 10am-5pm. Sunday by appointment only.

Where can I find your gallery?

Uri Jacobi Oriental Carpets in Chester, Cheshire

You can find us at 55-57 Watergate Row Chester CH1 2LE. It’s the continuation of the main street from the clock to the race course on the rows. The rows are the balconies above Watergate Street, unique only to Chester, Watergate street is closed for vehicles from 11am until 4pm, but there’s an entrance to the back of the shop from Weaver Street.

Do you stock over size carpets?

Our largest carpet at the moment is 5.00m (16’5) long by 4.00m (13’2) wide, and we have in stock many other large carpets.

Are all hand-made rugs investment?

No. many rugs will hold their value and some will increase, but this is not the case for all rugs.

How long will my rug last?

Rugs are an art form which is beautiful yet robust. It is impossible to predict how long a rug will last but quality pieces can last for over 100 years while in use.

Where is my rug from?

If you have an handmade rug and wish to know where it originated email us a picture or bring it to the gallery and we will do our best to determine the rug origin.

Can you value my rug?

Uri Jacobi Oriental Carpets in Chester, Cheshire

We will give you a free verbal valuation based on its retail replacement. If you are looking for a quick sale our advice will be to get estimates from various auction houses. For written insurance valuation this will cost £40 plus VAT. This fee will be deducted should you buy a replacement rug from Uri Jacobi.

What do I do if my rug is damaged?

Take it to a rug specialist! The longer damage is left the more likely it is to spread.

Do you buy or exchange rugs from the public?

Yes, however not all rugs will interest us; do feel free to send us pictures and give us a call and we will be as helpful as we can.

How long does it take to make a rug?

All our rugs are hand-made. For a small 1.52cm x 90cm (5’0 x 3’0) rug, it might take a weaver several months to make that rug. Medium-size rug 2.50cm x 1.50cm (8’0 x 5’0) can take a weaver up to a year to complete.

What are those bands of uneven colour in oriental rugs?

A change in colour in the field and/or border of your rug is called "abrash" and is due to differences in wool or dye batches used in the weaving of your rug. The colour change extends across the rug, following the weft, many rug admirers value this condition as an artful hallmark of a hand-knotted rug.

Why does my rug look different from one end to the other?

Each rug has a "light" side and a "dark" side, depending on whether one looks into the nap or with the nap. The colour intensity you see from one end of the rug may be vastly different from what you see on the opposite end. This result from the weaving process as each knot is hand-tied and pulled down. This creates the nap of the rug with all of the fibers laying in the same direction.

Is my rug protected from moths?

Our rugs are treated on the back with a natural substance, which is a moth repellent. There is no need for any other precautions.