(Posted on 04/07/15)


Country: Anatolia (Turkey)

Category: village

General details These extremely attractive rugs are made in Sindirgi area of northwest Anatolia, where they are woven in the traditional manner on a woolen foundation in good quality, close-cropped wool.  Yagcibedir designs are invariably based on an elongated hexagonal 'skeletal' medallion, with stepped edges at either end, decorated with combination of stars, large stylized birds or geometrically abstracted leaf and plant forms.  The colours are usually madder red and deep rose set against a dark blue field, but occasionally blue or brown motifs may be found in conjunction with a white field.  Some items, particularly runners, are composed in allover arrangement of stylized vegetal forms,and in recent years a number of attractive items have been produced in traditional Caucasian colours and designs.  The size most frequently encountered is the seccade, but a number of narrow runners and ceyreks are also made.

Resale value One of the better buys among contemporary village rugs.  They are inexpensive, well made in good quality wool, possess a distinct rustic charm that often increases with age.