What are Muslim Prayer rugs?

(Posted on 11/10/18)

What are Muslim Prayer rugs?

A prayers rug mat is a rug that Muslims use when praying. Islamic prayer involves sitting and prostrating, with the hands and face repeatedly touching the ground; so, they need a clean and dry place.

At each prayer time, which comes five times a day, they unroll the rug, place it on the ground and sit on it to pray.

Islamic and Muslim Prayer rugs represent a very special genre with the world of carpets. Technically any small carpet or rug can be used for the purpose of praying, so, by default, any small rug could be a prayer rug. Still, it seems that the prayer rug as a specific type or genre emerged relatively early in the history of Islamic carpet design. What distinguishes an antique prayer rug in terms of format is the use of an arched doorway, niche or “mihrab” design motif.

Some prayer rugs may have images of hands to tell the worshiper where to place his hands when praying, a comb to remind the worshiper to comb his hair or a pitcher to remind him to wash his hands before praying.