Qashga’i (Gashgai)

(Posted on 20/12/14)

Qashga’i (Gashgai)

Country: Persia (Iran)

Category: Nomadic

Price range: Low to medium

General details: Made by nomadic tribesmen from the upland of the Fars province in southern Persia, who traditionally market their wares in the town of Shiraz.  Old Qashga’i rugs are considered by many eminent commentators to represent all that is good in nomadic weaving, and contemporary Qashga’i items, although rarely reaching the standards of their precursors, are among the most attractive and desirable nomadic rugs made today.  The Qashga’i are a confederation  of tribes of different ethnic origins, including Arabs,Kurds and Lurs; but the majority are of Turkic stock, which is clearly reflected in the Azerbaijan (north-west Persia and southern Caucasian) influence in their designs.  Their repertoire is among the most varied and visually exciting of any contemporary nomadic weaving tribe.  It includes a wide spectrum of boteh, medallion and repeating floral schemes, but the most frequently encountered are pole medallions and hebatlu design which derives its name from one of the sub-tribes and features a circular central medallion, repeated on a smaller scale in the four corners, Qashga’i rugs are also noted for the frequent inclusion in the field of tiny people and animals, as well as the more customary floral motifs.  The most common colours are deep reds and blue, but a variety of ochres and siennas are also used.

Resale value: The finest old Qashga’i are extremely valuable and the better contemporary items are almost certain to retain their value to a high degree.