Persian Abadeh

(Posted on 18/07/15)

Persian AbadehAbadeh: Extremely attractive, hard-wearing rugs made in the village of Abadeh in southern Persia (Iran), near the town of Shiraz.  They are not among the most finely knotted Persian rugs, but the knotting is very regular and, combined with the normally good quality wool, results in items of considerable durability and aesthetic merit.  They are noted for their use of the zel-i-sultan design; most other compositions are borrowed from the Gashgai nomads, who have traditionally pitched their tents near Abadeh during the summer months.  Colour schemes nearly always employ deep reds and blue with hints of ochre – a perfect tonal accompaniment to the simplicity of their designs.  Considered good buys, because of their intrinsic qualities and the fact that they retain their value to a reasonably high degree.