(Posted on 02/12/14)


Country: Persia (Iran)

category: workshop and master-workshop

Price range: medium/high to wealth

General details The central Persian town of Nain was renowned as a weaving centre for high quality and costly woolen cloth: when this craft fell into decline around the turn of the last century, rug-weavers were imported from Isfahan, and by mid-century the town had established itself as one of the foremost carpet-weaving centres in the world.  In appearance, quality and structure, Nain rugs are very similar to Isfahans, but they tend to contain more birds and animal motifs in their decorations, and the majority of their designs are outlined in silk.  Nains are made in most sizes, including carpets, but medium and large-size rugs are most common.  The most important and influential master-weaver is Habibian, and items from his workshop are among the finest contemporary rugs produced in Persia.  Master-workshop rugs are often made in much larger sizes than standard workshop items, but they usually employ a similar range of designs and, although wool or wool-and-silk rugs are most common, some items are made entirely in silk.

Resale value Nains are generally comparable with Isfahans, but Isfahans probably have a slight advantage in investment potential due to their more consistent level of quality and worldwide renown.