(Posted on 05/10/16)


The runners and small rugs of Karaja, a weaving centre near Ahar in the Heriz area, are unmistakable.

Sizes: all formats up to 10 sq. mt and larger. Runners are especially common.

Colours: the ground is generally red, very occasionally light brown or blue. Borders are mostly dark blue.

Patterns: characteristic Karaja squares, alternating wit

h hooked hexagons, both with simple fillings in a Caucasian style are used in the field and borders.

Foundation: warp and weft are cotton. 

Knots: Turkish knotted,  coarse to medium fine with 1000 to 2000 knots per sq dm (65-130 per sq. inch.).

Pile: medium to high depending upon the fineness of the weave.

Quality: low to medium in quality and in price. A carpet for everyday use. Very good pieces are rarely on the market.