A Long Tradition of Carpet Weaving

(Posted on 19/11/18)

A Long Tradition of Carpet Weaving
If you've ever seen a Persian carpet, you know it's a beautiful work of art. But what distinguishes a Persian carpet from others? Well, the name Persia refers to a part of the world that includes Iran and Turkey, both once part of the Persian Empire. It's a region famous for rug weaving.

But how is it made? By weaving, a process of creating a textile by interlacing threads. Weaving is done on a loom, a frame-like piece of equipment that holds two basic types of threads.

Warp threads run vertically, attached to the loom frame and held in tension.
Weft threads run horizontally and are interlaced with warp threads.
Most Persian carpet are made by hand, and their width is determined by the width of the loom on which they are made. Persian carpets may be made of natural fibers like cotton, silk or wool.