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Uri Jacobi Oriental Carpets in Chester, Cheshire

After many years of experience as an Oriental Carpet Specialist in London, Uri Jacobi has established himself for over 20 years in Chester.

Uri is a well-known name in the industry, and is a third generation carpet dealer - with a wealth of knowledge aspiring from inherent family blood ties, evolving from his Father’s origins from Persia and his Mother’s from Russia. For two centuries, Uri Jacobi’s family have acquired fine rugs from the markets of the Levant and Far East; they have travelled to distant and inaccessible places in order to bring back rare examples of lost craftsmanship; they have lived and worked throughout Asia and the Middle East. Throughout those years, Uri Jacobi’s ancestors have acquired extensive knowledge about rugs, passing on their precious wealth of wisdom from generation to generation. The sum of that acquired understanding now rest with Uri Jacobi - and you will find that he is eager to share it with you, so that you too may come to love the lore, language and beauty of Oriental carpets and rugs.

Our Carpet Gallery

Visiting Uri Jacobi’s Oriental Carpets Gallery is an experience akin to visiting an art gallery - except that here, the works of art cover walls, floor and ceiling. The choice is breath-taking, and the array of patterns, textures and sizes will enhance the good looks of your home, whatever its age or style, whether its décor is traditional or ultra-modern.

Which Carpet/Rug Is For You?

Talk to Uri Jacobi about your needs, you can choose rugs from just 3’ x 2’ to carpets measuring up to 20’ x 12 - and if, at any time, you wish to exchange your carpet or rug, Uri Jacobi will be delighted to accept it in part-exchange (if in good condition) for a replacement carpet or rug of your choice.

With prices ranging from £35 to £8,000, the symbolic and deeply meaningful world of the oriental carpets and rugs is within reach of many people.

Our Guarantee

Every effort is made to accurately represent the condition of items listed for sale. However, should you receive an item and you are not satisfied with the condition, please contact us and describe the problem. Our goal is 100% happy satisfied customers.

Oriental Rug Symbols & Meanings

Below are the Oriental Rug Symbols, along with their meanings:

Oriental Rug Symbols, along with their meanings

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Oriental Rug Colours & Meanings

Green The holy colour of the Prophet Mohammed - it's used sparingly in places least likely to be walked on. Hope, Renewal, Life, Spring
Red Beauty, Wealth, Courage, Luck, Joy, Faith
Blue Power or Force, Solitude - Allusion to the After Life
Orange Humility and Piety
Yellow The Sun, Joy of Life
White Purity, Cleanliness
Black Usually only found in outlines. Mourning, Destruction
Gold Power, Wealth
Brown Fertility

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