Hussanabad 8797 *Sold*

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Country of origin: Persia

Width: 259cm

Length: 340cm

A most attractive Persian village carpet from the village of Hussanabad, one of the largest and most renowned rural weaving centres within the extensive Hamadan knotting region of western Persia, in which the most traditional design approach of the origin is expressed with notable accomplishment. A small medallion centres a closely patterned Herati and medallion field within a slender border arrangement embellished with stylised floral ornaments. The decorative appeal of the field scheme has long been admired by connoisseurs.
Pile: strong wool yarn of varying quality
Weft: cotton, one weft between the rows of knots
Warp: cotton yarn
Knot: symmetrical
Knot density: 90 000 - 300 000 knots per square metre


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